Communication solution for healthcare providers.

Handle patient cases remotely.

Talk to colleagues and patients with messages or video and easily attach relevant files

Healthcare logic.

Use virtual waiting rooms, assign on-call doctors, perform online triage, see relevant statistics

User management.

Easily add new users and create groups, manage user and group rights

Desktop or mobile.

Carecode is designed to be easy to use on nearly any smartphone, tablet or computer

Security fit for healthcare.

TLS encryption, disk encryption, multi-factor authentication, audit log, managed secure hosting


Start using right away, our software is designed to work independently of your patient record system

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This is how our software is used.

Communication between health professionals.

Physicians, nurses and admin personnel have an easy and secure way to communicate remotely. Consultations between nurses and doctors or between generalists and specialists. Use text, group conversations and easy attachments to quickly get a second opinion.

Communicate with patients.

Let patients contact healthcare personnel or send messages to your patients. Messaging, photos, structured forms.

Real-time video.

For some cases, the best solution is a live video connection. Our software is used for live consultations between professionals or remote appointments between patients and professionals.

Directed to the right person.

Carecode makes it easy to reach the right person. Set up waiting rooms, on-call professionals, and e-mail or SMS notifications to build your telehealth organisation.

Data stays in your patient record system.

Carecode is a stand-alone communications app that isn’t used as a patient record system. After your case is finished, the software helps you form a summary record that can be saved in your existing patient record system. No patient data is stored long-term in Carecode.

Implementation made extremely easy.


Secure server set-up.

Carecode will create a secure encrypted environment for your organisation’s communications.

Ready next day


Users and user groups.

We will help you create the users and user groups you need, whether they are professionals or patients.

Created automatically from .csv files


Train and engage users.

Only a short training for professionals needed. Clear steps and ready-made templates for marketing your new service.

30-60 min group training

What our customers like about us.

Save time

Communication becomes quick, organised and hassle-free. Spend less time on travel and use your human resources wisely. Treat more patients.

New operating models

Collaboration, remote appointments, real-time chat, group consultations.

Works for many use cases

Suitable for the telehealth needs in all of your organisation’s operations.

Continuing development

We ensure that Carecode remains ahead of the curve by continuously refining the service and adding features.

Easy to implement

Not necessary to integrate to your EHR due to our smart data management and workflow.

At the right price

We charge a monthly fee based on your number of users.

Great support

Your success is the most important thing for us; we help our customers at all stages of implementation and use.

Patient demand

Modern-day patients demand remote healthcare services from their providers.

Makes your operations smarter in many use cases.

Team communication

Communicate about patient issues within your team in a secure and organised way

Video appointments

Patients can see a doctor remotely through a video connection

Occupational health care

We connect patients with nurses and doctors to reduce unnecessary visits

Specialist consultations

Offer specialist expertise to generalists remotely

Nursing homes and home care

Nurses and doctors can easily collaborate to offer better care for patients

Chronic patient care

Connect your doctors and nurses to their chronic care patients

These are some of our customers offering new services with Carecode.

Management team with medical and engineering expertise.

Ahti Mäkitie
[email protected]
Tel: +358 44 3222053

Paul Tötterman
[email protected]

Magnus Tötterman
Head of Product Development
[email protected]

Heikki Tarkkila
Head of Operations
[email protected]

Taavi Kaartinen
[email protected]

Joel Telkkä
Quality Assurance
[email protected]

We are a team of medical and engineering professionals excited about changing the way healthcare is delivered to patients. Our telehealth service helps healthcare professionals provide timely care of high quality to their patients anywhere and whenever.

Contact us to hear more or to request a demo.

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